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Gallery – Cosmetic Braces

Cosmetic Braces Case Studies

One of our patients discuss their Invisalign experience.

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Case 1

This patient’s main issue was the crowding of her lower teeth. Using a cosmetic brace system, this case took 4 months to complete at the end of treatment the teeth where whitened.


Case 2

This patient had Invisalign treatment at the practice. The patients upper front teeth were more forward than she liked and there was spacing between the teeth. After a clincheck simulation, Invisalign aligners were made, and the patient changed them every 10 days for 7 months to achieve fantastically aligned teeth!

Case 3

Here is another recently completed case. The patient was complaining of her upper front teeth sticking out and wanted them straightened with the gap closed before her wedding. This case took 6 months of invisalign aligners to achieve an excellent result!

Case 4

The main complaint for this patient was that she struggled to clean around her front teeth as they were overlapped and crowded. Her smile also had a detrimental effect on her confidence. The plan made was to use Invisalign to straighten her teeth. After treatment was completed, fixed and removable retainers were made to keep the teeth in place.

Case 5

This patient wanted her upper and lower front teeth straightened. She also felt her upper front teeth stuck out too much. After 8 months of invisalign and tooth whitening, an excellent result was achieved.






Case 6

This is one of the most complex cases we have treated. This patient was extremely nervous before starting her treatment. After 11 months of Invisalign aligners, a beautiful smile was achieved. Fixed and removable retainers were placed at the end of treatment to maintain the tooth position.





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